How to track my order/s

An automated email or text message from our courier will be sent to your email with the information so you can track your package. Please check your email and spam folder from time to time. Once you have your tracking number, you can track your status here: https://www.xde.com.ph.

Can the bulk order have different customizations? (Some have logos, some initials, some have both)

Yes, you may coordinate with us the customizations per journal.

Can we customize where to place the logo/initials

They can be placed on the back or on the front only. For placements there are suggested places. 

Are there any other font options besides the ones in the website?

We only go with the fonts offered in the website. 

What if I want a custom color for the Quest Journals?

This needs coordination with us. The ones on the website are the ready available colors. If you want something else we can talk about it and we will have it custom-made and delivered to the PH. This will require more time and money though. 

Can I change the refills of the journals?

For the Quest Mini you cannot change the filler. We only have blank for it. For Quest Medium and Travel, you can choose between blank, lined, and dotted only.

Can you add a giftcard/note to the delivery?

We can. 

How long for the delivery

Shipping of Metro Manila orders takes 3-5 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) while shipping of Provincial orders take 15-28 business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

For special cases: missing items, wrong items delivered, damaged items fill out:

Please visit https://bit.ly/bdjcares and fill out the form with details of your order so we can resolve your concerns.

Are there any guidelines/requirements for the logo and initials/name?

For the logo:

  • Minimum 200 dpi
  • PNG format
  • Minimum size: 1in x 1in
  • Maximum size: 2in x 3in

For the text:

  • Fonts available: Fira Sans and Gotham
  • Minimum size: 21pt
  • Maximum size: 23pt

Besides stamping, do you offer debossing and embossing as well?

  • Yes, but this process takes longer than stamping. 

Can we have mixed items in our orders?

  • Yes, you can mix the products just specify which ones you want and how many.

Do you deliver to multiple addresses in one order?

  • Yes we do. That is our special offer, to deliver to multiple addresses in one order. It makes gift-giving easier and more convenient.