Say Thank You With These 17 Carefully Thought-Out Corporate Gift Ideas for Your Clients

Cheesy as it sounds, "It's the thought that counts," still. What you give, when chosen with care, means a lot, no matter how big or small. What you give shows what you value. Whether showing appreciation for a client or rewarding yourself and your team for all their hard work, providing unique and well-thought-out gifts will surely make everyone smile.

Choosing the perfect gift for everyone can be challenging, but with these 17 well-thought-out corporate gift ideas, you will indeed find the best answer. Read on if you're looking for a gift that really shows how committed your company is to building long-lasting relationships with its loyal clients.

Why Your Corporate Gifts Deserve Careful Attention

Corporate gifts are an excellent way to express gratitude to your clients and team members for their hard work and dedication. They also help in developing connections with clients and stakeholders. Careful consideration should be taken when selecting the appropriate corporate gift for a specific occasion. Here are some pointers to help you make an informed choice:

Consider the recipient's preferences

Think about their interests or hobbies. Do they prefer practical items or something more luxurious or decorative?

Set a budget

Help you narrow down your options by setting a budget.

Make sure your gift is useful

Functional or multi-use items are always better than display pieces; this adds value by showing thoughtfulness towards recipients' needs while promoting goodwill towards your company in return.

Include personalized elements

Adding personalized details such as your customers’ names or initials instantly turns any corporate gift into a unique keepsake. 

Choosing sustainability

Many companies now value eco-friendly products, which makes sense from an environmental perspective and helps build trust amongst stakeholders who share similar views on sustainability matters!

Find the most reliable supplier

The right corporate gift partner should have excellent customer service that makes the ordering process easy and efficient while meeting the individual needs of businesses.

When it comes to finding a reliable corporate gift supplier, Viviamo Concepts is an excellent choice. With end-to-end service from ideation to production to delivery, they’re the one-stop shop to talk to when you’re in need of corporate giveaways. With these tips in mind, you're sure to find just the right corporate gift for any celebration – one that shows how much you care without breaking the bank.

Corporate Gifting Trends for 2023

As we look ahead to 2023, corporate gifting trends are set to take on a greater significance than ever before. This is thanks to the increased importance of staying connected with clients and employees even during these times when we still practice some form of physical distancing.

So what should companies be looking out for when it comes to corporate gifting trends in 2023? Here are our top 5:


Giving gifts with personalized touches or custom messages will make them much more meaningful for the recipient, leading to greater engagement with the brand or company sending them.

Eco-friendly solutions

Consider giving reusable items rather than disposable ones, such as water bottles and tote bags, or gifts made from recycled wood or vegan leather–this will show your care and commitment to environmental causes and simultaneously add value to your client interaction.


From voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home devices right through to Bluetooth-enabled items, embracing technological advancements has never been more vital when it comes to engaging clients. Adding a QR or Spotify code is another way to customize your merch so it serves as a platform to connect with you online. 

Unique experiences

Think about offering something special such as free tickets for concerts or masterclasses where they could learn something new–this will go down well with anyone receiving one of these gifts!

Overall there's no doubt that by staying ahead of current trends and incorporating new practices, technologies & solutions, businesses can positively impact how their clients view them going into next year!

17 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Clients

With so many options available, selecting the ideal present can be difficult–but don't worry! We've compiled a list of 17 thoughtful presents that are sure to make your clients smile - no matter what the occasion.

1. Personalized Tumblers


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    Tumblers have become everyone's companion anywhere. They offer a great way to keep your favorite beverage cold or hot for hours while showing off some personal style. What more if your recipient’s name or initials is added to it? Personalized tumblers are perfect for family, friends, employees, clients, and stakeholders. You can customize them with any text, name, or logo when purchased from the right supplier.

    2. Premium Quality Coffee or Tea Sets

    Consider Premium Quality Coffee or Tea Sets if you're looking for an exquisite and luxurious way to give corporate gifts to VIP clients. These sets are perfect for those who take their coffee or tea seriously and appreciate high-quality products.

    3. Personalized Stationery, Journals, and Planners

    Get Your Personalized Stationery Now

    Personalized stationery is a great way to add a personal touch when sending corporate gifts. Personalized stationery is the perfect way to finish any card or note that must be sent. It can be used to thank clients, prospects, or employees for their hard work and dedication.

    4. Bamboo Power Bank

    This is one of the best gifts you can give out, as it is functional, useful, and sustainable. These eco-friendly power banks are made from responsibly sourced bamboo, making them a sustainable choice for business gifts. The sleek design will also impress your staff or clients, showcasing brand loyalty in form and function.

    5. Custom-printed Tote Bags

    Tote bags come in many sizes, shapes, materials, and colors, from lightweight Oxford-style canvas, polyester mesh, or jute for everyday usage to heavy-duty cotton twill or ripstop nylon for heavier carrying. Different ways of custom printing on totes – sublimation, DTF and silkscreen among others offers maximum brand exposure.

    6. Customized Phone Grips or Pop Sockets

    Because of their novelty and functionality, these items are becoming increasingly popular among individuals of all ages. These can be used to grip your phone for further stabilization or as a stand for watching videos on the fly.

    7. High-Quality Sweets and Snacks

    Who could resist sweets and snacks? Sweets and snacks are usually well-received gifts. Quality is key when choosing corporate gift sweets and nibbles. Quality sweets and snacks are produced with fresh ingredients, look good, and taste wonderful. Everyone could use a healthy snack while working!

    8. Scented Candles

    Scented candles are available in various scents, colors, and sizes, guaranteed to delight the recipient. Popular fragrances include peaceful lavender, chamomile, and tropical aromas like fresh citrus, sweet pineapple, and juicy peach. Sometimes all it takes to chill at the end of the day is to light a scented candle.

    9. Personalized Journals

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    Most personalized journals offer customization choices to express yourself. Creatively selecting sizes and shapes or developing your own cover art makes this type of present extremely more memorable! Hence, personalized journals make great corporate gifts for colleagues, employees, partners, and clients.

    10. Portable Speakers

    Bring parties anywhere with these portable speakers! They fit in any workspace or office and give high-quality sound so users may listen to their favorite music while working. Corporate gifters can choose a portable speaker that meets their recipient's tastes because they come in several sizes, colors, and styles. Several portable speaker systems have Bluetooth pairing, built-in FM radios, and a battery life of up to 20 hours, so you may use them without interruption, even when away from power outlets.

    11. Phone Stand with Personalized Engraving

    Get Your Phone Stand with Personal Engraving Now

    This phone stand not only holds phones in place while charging, but it can also be laser engraved to feature your company's logo or hashtag. 

    1. Wooden Flash Drives

    Wooden flash drives are becoming increasingly popular among the best business gifts. Their sleek, modern design makes them attractive and useful, and they last a long time. They are made of lightweight wood which makes them easy to carry around.

    13. Custom-Designed Desk Mats

    Get Your Custom Design Desk Mat Now

    Using a desk mat helps you create a visual boundary on your work space, especially if you’re working from home. Custom-made desk mats aren't just aesthetically pleasing; they're also functional and sturdy, protecting the surface of your desk from scratches and spillage, making them an ideal addition to your work-at-home or corporate space.

    14. Fragrance and Essential Oils

    These products can help your clients or employees be more creative, calm, and relaxed. They come in many different scents, from floral to woody, so you can find the right one for any situation or event. By giving these items as corporate gifts, you can thank people who work hard while promoting health and wellness in your company.

    16. Cordless Jump Rope

    With these portable and lightweight exercise tools, you can get a tough cardio workout anywhere and anytime. You don't have to have a huge space, you don’t have to worry about getting tangled up if you’re a beginner. Easy to use and zero set up time, the cordless jump rope allows you to start working out immediately, wherever convenient.

    17. Acrylic Light-Up Calendar Board

    Acrylic Light-Up Calendar boards make great corporate gifts because they can be useful and decorative at the same time. Not only do they look nice in any office or home, but they also make it easy to keep track of your important dates. Acrylic calendar boards come in many colors and styles, so you can choose the one that best fits your company's values, mission, or brand.

    Get the Best Corporate Giveaways for Your Clients from Viviamo Concepts

    Gifts are a great way to show your clients your gratitude for their loyalty and support. There's something that everyone will like, whether it's a mug, a piece of paper, or even something to eat. Corporate giveaways can help businesses build long-lasting relationships with clients. 

    If you still need a unique idea for a corporate gift, Viviamo Concepts can help you out. We offer promotional items for any event or occasion to make your clients feel you care about them. Also, we have a lot of ways to personalize gifts to make them unique and make your recipients feel extra special. Send us an e-mail at or set up a short discovery call to find out what we can do for you!