About Viviamo Concepts

Life is all about celebrations: whether it be big or small or random, really – we all live for these celebrations. It might take some time for all of us to remember how to celebrate little sparks in our lives yet Viviamo exactly does that.

Viviamo reminds brands how to celebrate wins and milestones with people who matter. We take Branded Merch to the next level. We go beyond numbers and costs. We build affinity, memories, and joy. Because in reality, no brand would want to put money on any objective that will poorly represent it & be forgotten stat.

Viviamo Brand Affinity is a branded merch solutions company that helps brands find the most suitable and most relevant merchandise solution for itself: something that would celebrate the brand’s existence, that would reflect the brand’s values, and bring joy to its target audiences.

Whether it be clients/partners/employees - Viviamo helps brands find its spark and connect to various audiences via intentional, inspired, and insightful branded merch process.

This is exactly how we emPOWER brands: through powerful branded merch that sparks joy out of everyone.

Feel free to download our catalogue HERE to know more of what we can do for you!