Strategic Merch for Pharmaceutical

Elevate your Brand with Exclusive Pharmaceutical Merchandise Solutions


How do you grow your business as a pharmaceutical brand?

Focus merch efforts on reaching your key customers and building relationships with them:

  • Doctors and VIPs
  • Health Care Professionals 
  • Executive Staff 
  • Event Goers

Pharmaceutical Merchandise Solutions

Curated Gift Boxes

We craft, curate, customize, and fulfill personalized gift sets based on your budget for high net worth customers and VIP partners: for holiday gifting, PR campaigns, and even special events. 

Memorability and Impact of well-curated gifts are more likely to leave a lasting impression on the recipient, enhancing the likelihood of future collaborations or business opportunities.

Event Merchandise

Thoughtfully chosen items that align with the needs or interests of healthcare professionals can leave a lasting impression. 

Branded merchandise can offer excellent ROI. It's often more affordable to produce and distribute items like stickers or magnets than investing in ads. Yet, it can have a similar or even greater impact on brand recall and customer engagement.

Small Brand Reminders

When someone uses or sees your branded merchandise regularly, it reinforces your brand in their memory. This can be particularly effective in crowded markets where staying top-of-mind is crucial. 

Branded merchandise can spark conversations and referrals. When someone receives a useful or aesthetically pleasing item with your brand on it, they may share it with others, spreading awareness and generating interest in your brand.

Why work with logo

We deliver carefully tailored merchandise.
We give expert solutions for your unique business objective.

Strategic Consulting

What merch will work and not work for your objective

Expert Execution

work with your budget to meet your target delivery

End to End Solution

Project Management from Concept. Production to Dolivery

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Grateful always to our talented women of Viviamo. Keep winning still, ladies!

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Just distributed to the team.

Everyone’s so happy! Thank you for the work you put in to make this happen!

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Strategic merchandising is about solving business problems.

We give creative and design input because we care about your business goals. We suggest what can work; we say what wont work. We work around your timeline and budget.

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