Going Green with Corporate Gift Giving: A Comprehensive Guide to Eco-Friendly Giveaway Ideas

At Viviamo Concepts, we understand the importance of corporate gifting and how it can make a lasting impact on your clients and employees. But in today’s environmentally conscious world, why not take it one step further by incorporating eco-friendly gift ideas into your corporate gifting strategy?

In this comprehensive guide to eco-friendly corporate giveaway ideas from Viviamo Concepts, you'll find easy tips and tricks that will help you create meaningful gifts while making an impact on the environment. From custom tumblers to reusable bags and organic snacks, explore our vast array of options for creating green giveaways with plenty of sustainability appeal. 

What is a sustainable corporate gift?

A sustainable corporate gift is any type of promotional product that has a minimal environmental impact. These types of giveaways are made with natural materials or recyclable/compostable packaging and can be reused or recycled after use. Sustainable gifts also tend to have a longer life span than traditional promotional items, which means they’re less likely to end up in landfills or the ocean.

You may want to look for eco-friendly gift options, such as tote bags made from organic cotton for carrying groceries or a refillable hand sanitizer to reduce the need for buying plastic bottles repeatedly.

Why choose sustainable gifts?

If your business cares about the environment, giving out eco-friendly products is a great way to show it. It helps spread the word about these products and good they do for our planet. It also shows that your business supports sustainable choices.

You never know, maybe you have found a great new recycled stationery brand or the best reusable coffee cup for your employees to use!

If being green is important to your company, then giving green gifts shows how much you care. It is an easy way to help the environment and show others that your company values it. Plus, people 

Many people want to work for companies that care about the environment. A survey showed that 65% of people said they would be more likely to work for a company with strong environmental policies. Show people you care about the environment by giving gifts that are good for the planet.

What makes a gift eco-friendly?

An eco-friendly gift is one that has a minimal impact on the environment, promotes sustainability, and reduces waste. Here are some examples of what makes a gift eco-friendly:

  1. Made from sustainable materials

Gifts made from eco-friendly materials like bamboo, hemp, organic cotton, or recycled plastic have a significantly lower environmental impact than those made from non-sustainable materials.

  1. Plastic-free packaging

Packaging is a significant contributor to waste, so opting for gifts that come in plastic-free, recyclable, or compostable packaging can make a big difference.

  1. Ethical production

Choosing gifts that are produced ethically and fair trade ensures that the people involved in the production process are treated fairly and not exploited.

  1. Reusable or multi-purpose

Gifts that can be used multiple times or serve multiple purposes, like reusable water bottles, shopping bags, or beeswax wraps, are great sustainable options that help reduce waste.

  1. Local and handmade

Gifts made by local artisans or craftsmen reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping and support local economies.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Eco-Friendly Corporate Giveaways

Here are some important factors you need to consider when choosing eco-friendly corporate giveaways:

Company's mission and values

Before selecting a gift, consider your company's mission and values. If sustainability is one of your core values, you'll want to make sure the gifts you choose reflect those values.

Recyclability and biodegradability

Look for gifts that are recyclable or biodegradable, such as those made from organic cotton or bamboo. You'll also want to consider whether the packaging is recyclable and if it's compostable.

Durability and quality

When selecting eco-friendly gifts, we recommend choosing products that are durable and of high quality so they will last longer and not end up in landfill.

Ethical production

Ensure the gifts you select are produced ethically. Research the company producing them and make sure they are not taking advantage of their workers or exploiting natural resources.

Eco-Friendly Corporate Giveaway Ideas

Now that you're equipped with the knowledge of what to look for in eco-friendly corporate giveaways, it's time to bring those ideas to life in your upcoming events. Imagine the impact of not just giving a gift but also making a positive contribution to our planet.

Take inspiration from an initiative we facilitated in 2022 for BPI AIA employees. Each employee planted a tree, symbolizing their commitment to a greener future. This wasn't just a giveaway—it was a powerful action toward environmental preservation.

Could your next giveaway do something similar? Could it inspire and contribute to a greener world? Let's make these eco-friendly ideas come true, one tree at a time. Together, we can make a difference. Here are some best ideas:

Reusable water bottles and coffee cups

Reusable water bottles and coffee cups are great eco-friendly corporate gifting ideas as they reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste that goes into landfills. With an estimated 500 billion disposable plastic water bottles used worldwide yearly, reducing our reliance on these products is essential for protecting our planet and its resources. Plus, they look great with custom branding!

Bamboo and wooden products

Bamboo and wood make great eco-friendly corporate gifts. This helps reduce the amount of plastic we use. Bamboo grows quickly, so it's a better choice than other materials. It's also strong, light, and won't bother people with allergies - perfect for corporate gifts!

Recycled paper products

Using recycled paper products is a good way to show you care about the environment. It also helps reduce the amount of trash in landfills caused by making paper.

Recycled paper products use less energy and resources to make than regular paper. That means they are better for the environment.

Sustainable and organic snacks

Organic and sustainable snacks are great for companies to give away. They use ingredients that help the environment. These snacks also usually come in packages that help the environment too. 

Sustainable snacks don't use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, which helps protect our planet.

Eco-friendly office supplies

You can help the environment by buying eco-friendly office supplies for your company. Look for products that are made of recycled materials or can be reused like pens, paperclips, and notebooks. This is a good way to show you care about the environment.

Start Going Green with Corporate Gift Giving Today!

Going green with corporate gift-giving is an important step for any business to take. With eco-friendly options like reusable water bottles, locally sourced and handmade gifts, sustainable snacks, and recycled office supplies available today, there's no excuse not to start positively impacting the environment. 

At Viviamo Concepts we specialize in helping businesses create unique eco-friendly giveaways that will leave a lasting impression while also reducing their environmental footprint. 

If you still need a unique idea for a corporate gift, you can get more information from Viviamo Concepts. We have promotional items for any event or occasion to make your clients feel you care about them. Also, we have a lot of ways to make gifts unique so that all gifts will be unique. Send us an e-mail at em@viviamoinc.com or set up a short discovery call to find out what we can do for you!