The Power of Promotional Products for Effective Business Promotion

Promotional products are a perfect way to advertise your brand. A report said that 80% of people trust and buy from businesses that give out promotional products. 

Viviamo Concepts offers a creative, cost-effective solution – promotional products! Promotional products are one of the most powerful marketing strategies available. With our extensive selection of customized items, we can help you stand out in the market and reach potential clients. 

Let us show you why promotional products should be part of your next marketing campaign!

What are Promotional Products?

Promotional products are free things with a brand's logo, name, or slogan. Brands give these away to customers, clients, and employees at trade fairs and other events. They do this to promote the brand and make people aware of it.

Examples of them exist just about everywhere in today’s society. At live events for sports or entertainment, t-shirt cannons propel marketing products to the audience. New employees will sometimes receive a “swag bag” with company-branded items like a notebook, water bottle or hat.  

At trade shows, some visitors may get a bag with strings or a USB charger. People who visit schools may get a t-shirt or pen with the school's name on it.

What are promotional products also called?

Companies often give away promotional products, sometimes called swag or promotional product, to their audience, employees, and clients at trade shows and as giveaways.

Companies will give away special items to help people learn about their business and the products they offer. This helps them to get more customers.

Impact of Promotional Gifts on Brand Visibility

Now that we understand what promotional gifts are let's look at how they can help to increase brand visibility. Their impacts include: 

Customer Loyalty

Promotional products can help make customers more loyal. In a survey, 65% of people said they kept a promotional product for over one year, and 47% said they would like to do business with a company that gave them one.

Cost-effective Marketing

Promotional products can help you get people to remember your brand. A study by the PPAI said that using promotional products costs less than ads on TV, radio, or in magazines.

Brand awareness

Promotional products can help people remember your brand. A study found that 83 out of 100 people could remember the brand name associated with a promotional product they got.

How to Unleash the Power of Promotional Merchandise

At this point, you're probably wondering how to use promotional products to your advantage. Here are some tips:

1. Research

Before you choose a product to promote, research what your customers would like. Find out what is popular and what they are attracted to. Doing this research will help you make the best decision.

When doing research, don't pick products that only some people like. Try to be creative and give away different types of items. Look into as many ideas as you can.

2. Increase Your Reach

Don't give away something that does not match your brand. For example, if you are an electronics company, it is better to give away cases and chargers for electronics instead of notebooks.

Give your clients more than one choice of product. People will feel like the product is special to them if it's not something everyone else is getting.

At exhibitions, you can have counters with different things for people to look at. This will make people want to come and check out your products because they can see from far away if it interests them.

3. Use it as Rewards

Promotional products are not just for conventions. You can give them away at other times too. For example, you can thank a customer who loves your brand by giving them something special with your company logo on it.

If you are giving away prizes at an exhibition, get a special counter with storage. This way, you can store the prizes and keep your space neat. You will have enough products for everyone to be happy.

Promotional products are an effective and cost-efficient way to increase brand visibility and customer loyalty. By researching the types of items that your customers like, increasing your reach with unique items, and using promotional merchandise as rewards, you can unlock the power of swag or promotional gifts for your business. 

At Viviamo Concepts, we specialize in helping companies create custom-branded promotional products that their audience will love. Our team is here to help find a solution tailored specifically to your needs. Reach out today to start creating high-quality promotional products for your target market!

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