Express Your Appreciation: Thoughtful Token Ideas for Speakers and Panelists

Giving gifts to speakers is an excellent way to express appreciation for their time and expertise at business events and fundraisers. When speakers feel valued and have a positive experience, they are more likely to spread the word about your event to colleagues, fans, and other influencers. 

Viviamo Concepts has put together a special selection of token ideas that are perfect for thanking speakers and panelists. Our collection includes items ranging from souvenirs to specialty products, making it easy to find the right gift for any type of event. Whether you’re looking for something memorable or an item with a practical purpose, Viviamo Concepts has something for everyone. 

Why You Should Show Appreciation to Your Speakers and Panelists

Speakers and panelists play a key role in the success of events. They bring knowledge, enthusiasm, and innovation to the table that can have a lasting impact on your guests. Showing appreciation to your speakers and panelists is crucial for several reasons.

Firstly, it helps to foster a positive relationship between the event organizer and the speakers/panelists. When you express gratitude and acknowledge their contribution to the success of the event, it makes them feel valued and respected. This can lead to a more productive and collaborative working relationship in the future.

Secondly, showing appreciation can help to establish the credibility of the event, especially if the speakers or panelists are experts in their field. By highlighting their achievements and contributions, it reinforces the quality of the event, which can help to attract more attendees in the future.

Thirdly, expressing gratitude can help to increase the likelihood of the speakers or panelists returning to participate in future events. When people feel appreciated, they are more likely to want to continue working with the same organization or individual in the future.

Thoughtful Tokens of Appreciation for Your Speakers and Panelists

Now that we cover the importance of showing appreciation, let’s look at some token ideas that you can give to speakers and panelists. Here are some of our top picks:

1. Custom Embroidered Travel Blankets

Custom Embroidered Travel Blankets are an excellent token idea for speakers and panelists. They provide a personalized way to show your appreciation, while also making the recipient feel extra special with an item that will last them for many years. 

The blankets also reflect the fact that you care about their comfort and well-being - whether it's providing something cozy to wear on a long flight or cuddle up in after a busy day of speaking engagements. Additionally, they serve as a reminder of the event they attended each time they use it!

2, Portable Speaker

Giving a portable speaker as a token of appreciation is perfect for anyone who puts on presentations, gives speeches or lectures frequently. Portable speakers allow them to easily enjoy music while travelling or host virtual meetings and conferences which require audio-visual accessories. 

The latest models also have powerful bass and good sound quality that can really enhance any kind of presentation. Additionally, it's a useful tool as it allows the recipient to quickly share their thoughts through audio recordings. A great way to say thank you!

3. Coffee Gift Basket

Coffee Gift Baskets are the perfect way to thank speakers and panelists for their hard work. Not only do they make a great present, but they also provide practical benefits that will help them during their events. 

Coffee can help one stay awake during long presentations or meetings. It also helps up your energy on days when one has to engage and speak with a lot of people for long hours. Giving someone coffee as a gift is a nice way to give an experience – sometimes a well-intentioned cup of brewed coffee is all one needs to power through a long day. 

4. Personalized Journals

Personalized Journals are an excellent token to give speakers and panelists as a way of expressing your appreciation. Not only are they highly useful for keeping track of ideas, notes, and presentations during events, but also make for great keepsakes that will remind the recipient of their special achievement.

Adding a special message to gifts can make them even better. Personalized journals can help someone work harder and be more creative. They will also remind the person of good memories every time they look at it!

5. Engraved Water Bottles

Engraved Water Bottles make great gifts for speakers and panelists. Not only are they practical and useful, but they also serve as a reminder of the appreciation you have for them. 

Engraved water bottles can help the recipient stay hydrated during long presentations, while also providing them with a token to commemorate their participation in the event. 

6. Essential Oils Gift Set

Essential Oils Gift Sets are a great way to show your appreciation to speakers and panelists. Not only do they provide practical benefits in terms of aromatherapy and relaxation that can help the recipient stay focused during long presentations, but also make for a unique and luxurious gift that the person is sure to remember fondly for years to come

7. Personalized Ceramic Coffee Mug

Personalized Ceramic Coffee Mugs are a great way to show your appreciation for speakers and panelists. They provide a practical benefit of helping the recipient stay hydrated during long presentations, as well as serve as a special keepsake they can use to remember their achievements.

8. Customized Eco Tote

Customized eco totes are an excellent way to show your appreciation and gratitude for speakers and panelists. Not only do they provide a practical benefit of being reusable, but also serve as a special token that the recipient is sure to cherish.

The eco bag be personalized with the name or logo of the event, which makes them even more meaningful. Plus, an eco bag is an ecological choice that will help reduce waste since it lasts longer than plastic or paper bags.

9. Personalized Stationery

Personalized stationery is an excellent choice for showing your appreciation to speakers and panelists. Not only are they practical tools that help the recipient remain organized, but they also make for meaningful keepsakes that will remind them of their achievement every time they use it. 

Personalizing it with a special message or logo makes it even more special and meaningful. With personalized stationery, you can show your gratitude to those who have shared valuable insights at your event in a very tangible way. Viviamo Concepts offers thoughtful token ideas specifically crafted for those in the speaking industry to express your appreciation!

10. Wellness Gift Basket

Wellness Gift Baskets are a great way to show speakers and panelists your appreciation for their hard work. Not only are they an excellent choice for expressing gratitude, but also provide practical benefits that will help keep the recipient healthy and energized during long events.

Express Your Appreciation for Speakers and Panelists Today!

At Viviamo Concepts, we understand how important it is to show panelists and speakers your appreciation. With our thoughtful token ideas specifically crafted for those in the speaking industry, you can express gratitude in a meaningful way that will be remembered fondly by the recipient. 

From personalized journals and engraved water bottles to essential oils gift sets and customized eco bags, each of these tokens are sure to make any speaker or panelist feel special and appreciated for their hard work! So if you want to let someone know just how much they mean to you, consider one of our unique gifts today – they’re sure to love it!

If you still need a unique idea for a corporate gift, you can get more information from Viviamo Concepts. We have promotional items for any event or occasion to make your clients feel you care about them. Also, we have a lot of ways to make gifts unique so that all gifts will be unique. Send us an e-mail at or set up a short discovery call to find out what we can do for you!