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The Belle de Jour Power Planner started with a simple idea: to help plan your days so you can live your best life.​ Every year, our covers and inside pages may change but the mission never wavers: the belief that your life can always change and change for the better. There is a quiet power when a pen hits paper and a million possibilities appear. A planner that has been designed to help you attain lifelong dreams, build a meaningful life and reach your goals. This planner can help you transform your intentions into action, gives you the power to start living a conscious life and change to a powerful, deliberate creator. Comes in 4 different Cover Designs: Classic, Leather, Discbound, Limited Edition

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Thermo PU +EVA
Gold holographic stamping with logo debossing​
Black oil edge, round cornerand round spine, black elastic​​


14.3*20cm paper​
• 96 sheets 100gsm FSC whitepaper in 4/4c printing in differentdesigns​
• 8 sheets folding​
Flyleaf with 1/0c printing​
• Double ribbon​
• Back pocket with 1c printing"