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Looking to change your life? This planner will get you in the zone to create positive change within yourself. These changes can help create a mindset that will prepare you for the challenges that the world will inevitably throw in your way. With adaptable content, you get a tool that can change your life.

Offers weekly pages, monthly pages, monthly check-in, and special pages. Adapts to your needs, your goals and your dreams.

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• 14.8 x 20.5 cm cover​
• 157gsm art paper with 4c printing​
• Matte laminated hardcover with rounded corners and elastic closure​
• Brown foil stamping with texture​
• Coated with 1.8mm gray board
• Spine with gutter​


• 14.3 x 20cm paper​
• 88 sheets 100gsm FSC white paper rounded corners with 4/4c printing in different designs ​
• 8 sheets folding​
• Flyleaf with 1/0c printing​
• Double ribbon​
• Back pocket with 1c printing