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Whether it's your career, your relationship, your health, or all of the above – this planner will help you break down your goals and let you experience life at an even higher level. Let this planner be your trust agreement between you and your future self. Only you can determine the course of your entire life, from achieving your goals to shaping the world around you.

This planner will help you to take a step back and assess your life, envision the future you want and write down your goals. The moment when you decided to take action. Set your destination, your goal, and see what happens.

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• 14.8 x 20.5 cm cover​
• Matte laminated hardcover with rounded corners and elastic closure​
• Silver foil stamping for infront​
• Coated with 1.8mm gray board​
• Square spine with canal​


• 14.3 x 20cm paper​
• 96 sheets 100gsm FSC white paper rounded corners with 4/4c printing in different designs ​
• 8 sheets folding​
• Flyleaf with 1/0c printing​
• Double ribbon​
• Back pocket with 1c printing